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ouise Jacques, French Canadian
architect reviewed our preliminary
diagrams. Louise was excited at the
unique opportunity to build a luxurious bed
and breakfast from the ground up. We first took
many pictures of our property and gave Louise
a surveyed lot plan with the north/south coor-
dinates. Louise visited our future building site
with her husband Jim, also an architect. They
took notice of all the natural features that
should be preserved. Louise then studied our
plans combining her experience of public space
design, the need to ensure effective people flow
and privacy of the guests of Claire de lune and
its hosts. Louise made it her ultimate goal to
present us with the best overall structure.
The roads and building site were first cleared
and the logs were set aside to be sawed for
flooring and furniture.
One of Rod’s hobby is his sawmill business
specializing in custom sawing of softwoods
and hardwoods for decks, docks, flooring and
fine furniture. Our slabs and sawdust are waste
products which result from turning logs into
a number of useable products. We are choos-
ing to heat with an outdoor furnace to burn
our waste products hence contributing to the
complete package of reducing our carbon foot
print. The outdoor furnace heats the entire Bed
and Breakfast operation, our personal living
quarters and Rod’s workshop. Furthermore,
the outdoor furnace heats all the domestic hot
water including the outdoor shower. Burn-
ing wood in our outdoor furnace reduces our
carbon foot print to zero.
The roof structure is positioned for future
installation of solar heating when the outdoor
furnace will no longer be required to burn slabs
and sawdust.
The building is an insulated concrete foam
(ICF) construction. ICF is the new way to
build homes and commercial buildings. These
“Lego” looking blocks are put together with re-
bar steel rods with rebar steel rods with cement
poured into the interior of the blocks. The wall
has 2 inches of insulating foam on the outside,
6 inches of local concrete on the interior and 2
inches of foam on the inside resulting in a 12-
inch wall with an insulation factor of R50.
Argon E windows and blown in roof insulation
in the trusses completed the envelope of the
Being green at Claire de lune…
Most of the interior studding, flooring and wall
coverings were logged off our property (or
locally purchased when required to meet vari-
ous building codes). We used our saw mill and
a wood fired kiln to process the lumber into
products that you will see in our rooms. Paint-
ing and interior finishes have all been chosen
for their environmentally friendly composition.
Our beds offer the latest Koosh© hybrid natu-
ral latex technology and as a result are hypo-
allergenic. Our mattresses are very comfortable
because they are made with the best available
eco-friendly ingredients. They are green and
clean - free of CFCs and PBDEs (dangerous
petro-chemicals) that are linked to off-gassing
and numerous health problems. Our beds are
made with all natural Latex Rubber, Bamboo
Covers and the newest Koosh® Natural high
resiliency foam that is made with renewable
soy bean oil. All of our mattresses, pillows and
bed frames are made in Canada! Come and try
them out. You will love them and so will your
We strive to continue making it our prior-
ity. Our next step and ultimately our future
goal will be to generate wind or sun electricity
to completely be off the grid… that being a
couple of years away… look out Hydro One!!!
Being green at Claire de lune…
Reducing our Carbon Foot Print
We have had the rare opportunity to build a bed and
breakfast from the start. When we developed the lake
shore lot we had the lot zoned for a small business
which includes a Bed and Breakfast. Our set back
from the lake is 70 feet rather than the norm of 50
feet for a home or cottage.